Vocal Cord Paralysis

Unilateral (Single) Vocal cord Paralysis- Type-I Thyroplasty with Arytenoid Adduction technique (AAT)

(Vocal cord paralysis is not disease but it is as a result of involvement of Recurrent  Laryngeal Nerve (RLN)  or nerve of Vocal cord during it’s course from brain to
voice box


Causes :

1. Congenital or by birth
2. Acquired :-

a) Infections mostly viral

b)Tumors Head Neck and Chest

c) Posttraumatic:- Following Injuries of Head, Neck and Chest

d) Post surgical:- As a complication surgeries on head, Neck and chest, Most commonly after Thyroid operations

e) Miscellaneous:- Diabetics, Tumors of Head ,Neck and Chest, etc.
f) Idiopathic:- Cause not known
Symptoms of  Unilateral of vocal cord paralysis:- Hoarse voice, husky voce and breathy voice and sometimes choking while swallowing

Surgery of Choice in unilateral vocal cord paralysis:- Typ-I Thyroplasty with AAT irrespective of cause of paralysis Results : 95% cases are successful in our hands in restoring the speaking voice from Our experience by operating about 250 cases since 1996

Watch video to know results of treatment

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