Laryngeal Surgery

Awake Laryngeal procedures in Office and in OT :

They include: 1. Injection laryngeal procedures 2. Awake Laryngeal Surgeries with or without laser.

A Unique & only Center in INDIA for Awake Laryngeal procedures.

Office based Laryngeal surgery is a awake laryngeal procedure done in office or in out patient relatively safest surgery for removal of vocal polyps and other vocal fold lesions –a walk away Laser assisted procedure done under local Anesthesia using a trans nasal Fiberoptic Laryngoscope on office basis while the person is speaking on moving vocal cords

what's special ? This procedure can be safely done even in cardiopulmonary

compromised patients where General anaesthesia cannot be administered due to high risk for conventional Microlaryngal procedures, other conditions like extreme degree of cervical spondylosis or trismus where conventional Micro laryngeal procedures endoscopy or instruments cannot be negotiated This procedure time saving as the patient can leave the hospital within few hours after the surgery Post-op results are excellent and the procedure relative very safe as it is done under local anesthesia and absolutely painless The patient can even speak and watch his voice during the entire procedure

Watch video to know results of treatment





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