Awards & Workshops

Appriciation award to Dr.Phaniendra Kumar by Prof. Sandra De sa souza president of All India ENT Surgeon Association. All India ENT Conferance at Chandigarh Jan 4th - 7th 2001.for conducting Phono Surgery (Vioce Surgey) Workshops in India.

Second National Workshop on Voice Surgery (Phono Surgey). Prof.Phaniendra Kumar receiving appriciation award at Sri Satya Sai Institute of ORL & Research Centre for Voice Disorders by Smt.Dr.Aruna the hon'ble minister of health, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, Guntur, A.P. India.

Second All India Workshop on Phono Surgery & Voice Disorders conducted by Prof. Phaniendra Kumar, a course director along with faculty from BRITAN and AUSTRALIA at Sri Satya Sai Institute of ORL at Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India on October 2001.

Institute of Melody Voice Care Centre at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India and care of professional Voice. The first of its kind in the country Inaguarated by Sri.Dr.S.P.Bala Subrahmanyam (Balu) the famous cine play back singer Dr.Phaniendra Kumar the Director of the Institute addressing the gathering. June 2000.

Association of Dr.Phaniendra Kumar with Dr.Robert.T.Sataloff the famous Voice Surgeon Of U.S.A. when Receiving the Member of Voice Foundation of USA. At NEW ORLEANS, in Voice Surgery Conferance ,USA in 1999.

Prof.Phaniendra Kumar course director & faculty successfully conducted First All India workshop on Phono Surgery and voice disorders at Guntur Medical College, Guntur,Andhra Pradesh, India on Oct.1999. Attended by over 400 deligates from allover India and Abroad.

Interaction of Prof.Phaniendra Kumar with Prof. ISSHIKI from Japan, the renowned Phono Surgeon of the Universe, at Banglore , India in Phono Surgery Workshop.


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