3rd National workshop on Phonosurgery at Guntur,India organized by Prof. Phaniendra

AS Faculty With Prof Isshiki at Bangolore .South India

Dr.Phanendra with Cine Voice professinals celebrating World Voice Day 2006 at Hyderabad, India.

Dr.Phanendra with Dr.James Thomas Guest Faculty Phonosurgeon and from U.S.A and Miss .Katie Young S.L.P from U.K While hosting 3rd Phonocon of India.

Dr.Phaniedra as Guest faculty during Phonocon at New Delhi..

Dr.Phaniendr honouring Patirck J Bradely during 1stAPSICON.

Dr.Phaniendra as Chairman and Prof of E.N.T Dept Guntur Medical college with his residents.

Dr.Phaniendra as Guest speaker during Phonocon 2006 at New Delhi.

Dr.Phaniendra as Guest Speeker during SAARC E.N.T Congress at New Dehi.

Dr.Phaniendra as Organising Chairman during Ist annual Confrence of The Association of Phonosurgeons ofIndia at Hyderabad, India.

Dr.Phaniendra honored as Guest faculty during State E.N.T Conference,New Delhi.

Dr.Phaniendra honouring Guest faculty Dr.Sharth and Miss Katie young from U.K during 4thNational Phonosurgery workshop Phonosurgery.

Dr.Phaniendra recieving honour from his teacher Prof.G.Lakshmipathy.

Dr.Phaniendra recieving honour from his teacher Prof.G.Lakshmipathy.

Dr.Phaniendra with E.N.T team at Harper Hospital USA

Dr.phaniendra with his team during 4th National workshop on phonosurgery.

Dr.Phaniendraas Organizing Cairman with Guest Faculty Prof. Hilgers and Prof Prtrick J Bradley during Ist Phonocon at Hyderabad, India.

Dr.Phaniendrakumar felicitating Famous Film Playback singer Mano during World Voice Day 16th April 2006.

Dr.Phaniendra's presentation during World Voice Congress,at Istanbul ,Turkey.

During visit to Blane Block Institute of Voice Rehabilitation,U.S.A.

Hands on training Thyroplasty Cadaveric Dissection Course under the guidence of Dr.Phaniendra.


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