These vocal cord lesions are benign lesions that accompany vocal cord trauma. Singers and other professional voice users such as teachers, professors, lawyers, secretaries, customer service representatives, and anyone else who uses his or her voice a great deal to communicate at work or at home is at risk for developing these lesions. In many cases, patients with these benign lesions benefit from voice therapy and improved vocal hygiene. However, for patients who are no longer able to meet their professional voice demands, voice preserving surgery ("phonomicrosurgery") to remove the nodule, polyp, or cyst can help the improve the patient's voice.


(Vocal cord cysts or polyps),
Rinkies corditis 
Sulcus vocalis
Singer’s nodules

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Laryngeal Laser Surgery

In Airway compromised individuals
Laryngotracheal stenosis 
Laryngeal (Vocal cord) Cancer


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